Friday, March 31, 2006

Early Morning Climbing in Pushkar

Thoughts That Crossed My Mind as I Climbed a Mountain in Pushkar to See the Sunrise
(Pushkar is a tiny holy Hindu city set around a lake where pilgrims come to bathe. In Pushkar all meat, alcohol and drugs are banned and you cannot display any physical contact with members of the opposite sex.)

Wow, it sure is dark for 5:00 am. - Do we really need to be up this early? - What is that I just stepped in? - Was that cow shit? - We really should have brought a flashlight. - We really should have brought a map. - Are you sure we should be going down this sandy path? - Does this lead anywhere?

Oh my god barking! - It sounds like dogs. - It sounds like hundreds of dogs. - I am going to be killed by a pack of wild dogs. - This is my fate. To be killed by rabid dogs in India. - Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. - Maybe I can climb that tree if they get any closer. - Ok. So the dogs are gone. Breathe. - I hate dogs. I really hate dogs.

Hey, there is a village up ahead. - That lady stiring her pot over a fire really gave us a funny look. - Why is everyone in the village staring at us like we are idiots? - The guide book said that this trek is best done to catch the sunrise. Where are all the other tourists?

Finally, the mountain! - Wow. That looks like a LOT of steps to the top. - Why did I get out of bed to do this? I should be back in bed sleeping at 5:30 in the morning. - Why? Why? Why?

We are halfway there. - More barking? - There are dogs at the top of the mountain too???? - How do dogs get up there anyway? - I bet those dogs are pretty hungry. I don't suppose they get a lot of food up there. - Do dogs eat humans?

I am so glad that these girls are also afraid of dogs and that we are stopping just short of the summit. - This is a pretty view. I can see the whole city and the lake - The desert looks amazing from here. - I am glad that I did this. - The sun rise is incredible. - It was well worth getting up at 5:00 am.

SHUT UP DOGS!! You are ruining my peaceful moment.

What was that noise in the bushes? - Oh no. OH NO. OH NO!!!! Not a monkey. - OH NO. OH NO. OH NO!!! Not a whole family of monkeys! - I am surrounded by monkeys. They have stealthily surrounded my as I was distracted by the sunrise. - I hate monkeys. I really hate monkeys. - I am going to die in India by being mauled by wild monkeys. - I escaped the monkeys of Lopburi only to fall victim to the hands of the wild monkeys of Pushkar. - Do monkeys eat humans? - That monkey just bared his fangs at me! - Can I outrun a monkey? - Let me down. Let me down. Please let me down from here. - Nice monkey, nice just sit there and let me pass. - I wish that I could run downhill faster.

Ok, we made it. - What is that noise now? - Those cows are running straight for us. - Is climbing that small wall a sufficient way of getting away from the cows? - I can't believe that cow just headbutted Alice. - Don't laugh even though it was hilarious. - Supress laughter. She might be hurt. - Ok you can laugh now. She's laughing too.

All these thoughts in the span of 1 hour. I am so glad that I am in India.


Blogger Paul said...

Glad to see someone having a good time in India. I never thought that possible after spending 4 months there myself recently. Of course you are exploring and wandering and such while I was stuck working in a shite hole...

5:53 AM  
Blogger Neohippy'84 said...

sounds like an awesome experience. Stuff like that is alweays so much sweeter for the exhertion it takes to get there, so go you, and i'm glad it was worth it :)

6:39 AM  

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