Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Making a Trip is All Right

Have you ever received a fortune or horoscope that was so great that you wanted to believe in it and hoped it would come true? A fortune that you wanted so badly to be realized that you actually suspended all rationality and skepticism?

After taking the ceremony seriously at the temple today - all the right washing, clapping, bowing, dropping of money etc... - my family all drew fortunes. Unfortunately my mom drew a "bad fortune" (it's actually labeled that) and had to tie it up and send it back to the gods. Uh oh. She eventually drew a "normal fortune" along with my aunt and uncle. My brother, father and I all drew "best fortunes". So here it is. What do you think?

No. 9 Best Fortune

If you try to be famous, it will come out as you hope. For example, if you have three kinds of hopes, three will be completed.

Gods will come and where he points to, flowers and fruits grow timely. Good fortune will come and it brings you happiness.

Your wishes will be realized.
A sick person will recover.
The lost article will be found.
The person you are waiting for will come.
Building a new house and removal are good.
Marriage and employment are all good.
Making a trip is all right.

Not too sure about the famous part. I don't think that I'm cut out for fame. I do like the idea about the "person you are waiting for will come." Sounds good to me. The best part is that I do think that the "Making a trip is alright" part is a good sign. I think that I can push aside my well-documented cynicism and believe in that.


Blogger CanuckinChicago said...

I am glad to hear our little Della made it to Japan safely. Definitely think the fortune is a good omen... good things to come ahead!

9:34 AM  
Blogger jeffgeddis said...

"making a trip is alright" indeed, rollins. brilliantly articulated and so very appropriate. as i've said like a bazillion times now: it's so killer that you're doing this. inspirational, admirable, envy inducing, list goes on... anyway, not much else to say i guess. just "blogging" for my very first time and couldn't see fit to go comment-less.

out with the rooster, in with the dog.


8:08 PM  

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