Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Would You Like Some Smarties?

I have discovered that candy helps make friends. Today on the train to Kamakura, I broke open some Smarties. Half-jokingly I motioned to share around the car. Surprisingly, most people took some and one girl started talking to use and soon I was asking about Japanese music and taking down the name of her favourite Japanese band. So I just listened to Tokyo Jihen online and think that I might become a fan even though I don't understand a thing being sung. had some samples.

After spending an hour trying to get my railpass activated, involving several people making large "X"s with their arms to indicate what I can only guess is, "I don't speak English and you can't activate your pass here so please go away", we spent the day in Kamakura. I especially liked the shrine where your money is supposed to double when you wash it. Unfortunately all I had was about $6 in Yen. Glad to know that the $12 I can soon expect should help me pay for the $13 worth of cheese I have already eaten at my aunt's. Cheese is so expensive here!

After a hike through the hills, where Scott almost killed a 90-year-old Japanese woman while helping her down a steep portion of the trail, we arrived at an impressive giant Buddha. What is it about huge objects that we find so fascinating anyway? Giant apples, kiwis, geese...not so fascinating when small, but a major tourist draw when they are massive. After some more visits to shrines, we headed back into the city for Shabu Shabu, a meal that involves a large pot of boiling water, thinly sliced beef and various noodles, vegetables and tofu.

On the train ride home I bribed another Japanese woman with some Smarties and she reciprocated with some Japanese chocolates. I think that I am on to something here. We'll see what happens when I break out the Sour Kids tomorrow.


Blogger Basciano said...

Della - the most talented domestic cat trainer in the world - has now revealed her secrets of the trade; Smarties. I am very proud of the application of your skills, and wish you the best of luck training others through your travels. Looking forward to more stories. Happy Holidays!

8:10 AM  

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